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A prenatal yoga program

Be guided through yoga flows designed specifically to keep your body and baby healthy and safe during pregnancy. 

  • Appropriate for beginners
  • All fitness levels are welcome 
  • Can be done at the gym or at home 
  • Minimal or no equipment required   
  • Be gently guided through each pose 
  • Videos on demand to fit into your schedule


Prenatal yoga can help you:


  • Develop strength for childbirth 
  • Maintain alignment and stability to prevent injury and pain as your body changes 
  • Manage pregnancy conditions 
  • Improve sleep 
  • Reduce stress, anxiety, and depression 
  • Maintain mobility 
  • Cultivate a sense of calm and presence 
  • Bond with your baby 
  • Decrease back pain 
  • Develop skills for birth 


You’ve probably been advised to do yoga while pregnant because it’s a gentle form of exercise but did you know that some yoga is contraindicated for pregnancy? This means that it can do you more harm than good.


It’s important to practice specialised prenatal yoga to avoid pain, injury, or risk to your baby. 


What you get in the Simply Yoga prenatal program


  • Informative video modules to help your yoga practice, including: 
    • What to expect in the program 
    • What is yoga? 
    • Contraindications to exercise 
    • The Golden Rules of practicing prenatal yoga safely 
    • Adaptations for your hormones and the three trimesters 
    • Preparing for birth 
    • Using props 
    • Breathing 
    • Postural awareness
    • Pelvic floor training 
    • Diastasis recti 
    • Perinatal conditions e.g. diastasis recti, sciatica, prolapse, back pain, and symphysis pubis dysfunction




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